haters give me them salty looks

paige, 22. a lot of this is stuff i wrote on ambien.

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Anonymous said:
your mom

oh look anon ruined the game for everyone

night y’all

  1. bradleyscoops said: Goodness.. some people.. just..
  2. abbaskiarostamis said: fucking assholes holy crap I hate tumblr
  3. joaquinsphoenix said: dear lord
  4. sea-bitch said: ugh what a fucking asshole
  5. vannuccis said: asshole anon :(
  6. anthagio said: This was Lana on anon. Not so perfect, eh?
  7. busterkeatons said: I’m sorry this person exists
  8. mayahansens said: wow
  9. tunahalpert said: go away lil bitch anon
  10. smeagoled said: ugh
  11. raffaellacarra said: ugh
  12. georgiaokweeffe said: wtf
  13. hermione posted this